Philosophy is the contribution and contribution of humanity through the medical field, and creativity is at the heart of it.
We aim to discover innovative knowledge that human beings have not yet obtained, commercialize them, create markets, and contribute greatly to the welfare and health of people around the world.
In the past, we have developed a variety of innovative products.
For example, the electrocardiogram electrodes used in the world and which have been sent to the world in collaboration with the University of Minneapolis.
Many of the world's 500 million people with chronic kidney disease may have kidney failure, and we have tried to commercialize an AI dialysis system to save them.
This product is derived from the technology of the world's top laser blood flow meter (our products).
This AI dialysis system aims to free many dialysis patients from the pain.
We would like to spread this spread through the advanced world doctors through their joy, and achieve a result that is not ashamed of the name of human contribution.
Representative Director Representative Director
Shigeo Hirooka
Representative Director Shigeo Hirooka (AI Dialysis Clinical)
Director Osamu Tochikubo (Professor Emeritus, Specially Appointed Professor, Medical Doctor,
Physician, Graduate School of Medicine, Yokohama City University)
Auditor Kenji Uehara